Go Galley Grill - Mac and The Big Cheese Ultimate Outdoor Cooking


The perfect grill that offers everything you would ever need and mobility to use it anywhere.


GoGalley is the world's most unique and complete "kitchen on the go." In fact, in his review of the GoGalley, "Meathead" of AmazingRibs.com said, "It's the best rig I've ever seen for tailgating." The grill is a well-built, full-service on the go kitchen with a built-in standard 2" hitch. The hitch allows easy hook ups to any vehicle and a battery-powered, patent-pending winch system lifts the entire grill off of the ground and secures the grill snug up against one's vehicle. GoGalley is described as a "kitchen on the go" because it is made to accommodate a full array of cooking needs or styles—Grill, Smoker / Oven, Deep fryer / Boiler and Skillet.

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