There is no age limit, however we are not responsible for any illness due to recipes or any injuries in the kitchen due to trying these recipes.  You are on your own so don't try to blame us for you inadequacies in the kitchen!

You must have an original recipe.  If we find out it is plagiarized, you are automatically disqualified.

No posting your own marketing ploys or using this site for your own advertisement of your products or services.  You will be eliminated as a member.

No profanity, no colorful language, no negativity, racism or foul language.  If so you will be disqualified and eliminated as a member off our site.  This is a fun competition for all, let's keep it that way!

You will be judged by votes, originality, fun or funny names of recipe and aesthetic of the picture.

Winner will be picked monthly and will receive the prize after all the votes were tallied.

Must use your own picture, no stolen pictures or you will be disqualified.

Have fun and keep cook'n!


We are not responsible for any injury, illness or mistakes due to the recipes displayed on this site or challenge.  Please be careful to check all the ingredients so that there is no food poisoning or sickness for anyone that tries your recipe.  We are not responsible for anything that happens to you or anyone who tries your recipe taken from our website or our DVD series.


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