Crappie'est Sandwich
Posted on: January 24, 2018
World’s Crappie’est Sandwich

2 pieces favorite bread or bun toasted
1 large or 2 small crappie fillets
1 box of Goose Antler Lodge Original Lodge Recipe fish batter
1 egg (beaten)
Cooking oil
Jalapeno pepper
Cream cheese
2 slices of bacon (cooked)

In a fry pan, place about 1/4 of oil in the pan.
Heat oil in pan to 350 degrees.

Peppers Prep:
In separate bowls place the beaten egg and the fish batter
Slice the Jalapeno into pieces 1/4” wide.
Dip the peppers in the beaten egg then dip in the fish batter so it is fully coated
Place in the hot oil and cook until peppers are golden brown

Fish Prep:
Prepare the same way as the peppers (follow directions on box)

Sandwich Prep:

Once the peppers and fish are cooked, prepare the sandwich as follows:
Spread a thick layer of cream cheese on the top bun
On the bottom piece, stack the fish, bacon, and fried peppers and add the top bun.

Serve with cold beer.


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