Healthy, Easy and Delicious!
Posted on: January 24, 2018
Healthy, Easy and Delicious!

A lot of our recipes seem to have a lot of meat or lots of cheese or other hearty ingredients that some people may find heavy and unhealthy.  We here at UCC believe that food can be amazing even if it is healthy and fun to make.  This is a pasta primavera that we made quickly with leftover vegetables, some pasta and a little sauce.  This tasted amazing and was light for the stomach when in the great outdoors.  You can see the flavors bursting in the picture and it was so easy to make.  What is your favorite vegetable dishes?  What is your favorite healthy, easy meal you can make while with friends and family in the great outoors?!

Chopped garlic, olive oil, chopped zucchini, sliced onions, mushrooms, tomato basil sauce, spaghetti, salt and pepper!  Wow is that simple and scrumptious!!!


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