Kansas City
Posted on: January 24, 2018
Kansas City

What a great week in Kansas City, we shot our new tailgate DVD in front of a live audience during our show and came up with some great recipes. Chop Block Sliders, Prosciutto Stuffed Pork Chops, Dutch French Onion Soup, BBQ Pulled Chicken Sandwiches just to name a few and a Bloody Marry Mix that will sure to be penalized for unnecessary roughness.

We got to eat at some great restaurants in town but my favorite by far was Anthony’s, an old Italian joint with one of the best veal parmesans I have had in a long time! The owner came over and gave us the history on the place and it was nice to see that it stayed in the family for so many years. M&S Grill was another awesome spot with the Kansas City strip that melted on my fork! We did spend one evening with our friends Jon and Andi who had introduced us to Smoke House BBQ, some of the best BBQ I have tasted.

The shows were good and once again we sold out of books after the last show we hope to have our next book ready when we come back. I did catch one group of guys off guard when I made a comment during taping. I was waiting for my cue to start taping when someone asked if I shared the trailer with Mike and I said that was illegal in some states. The guy said, “That’s because we don’t look kindly to that here”.  I said, “I know, when we crossed the border into Missouri I could hear the minds close”. They all starred at me and walked away; some people just don’t understand humor or tolerance for that matter.


Next stop, Minneapolis next week, hope to see you there?




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