Chicago, Chicago….My kind of town!
Posted on: January 24, 2018
Chicago, Chicago….My kind of town!

Just wanted to take a moment and thank the city of Chicago for welcoming Ultimate Camp Cooking to town and helping us sell out of cookbooks. 

I did notice a slight breeze and sideways snow after we got there but the 12 degree temperature made up for it. The fun part was watching the temp rise to 28 and the people of the city of Chicago were happy!

The best part about Chicago besides the awesome people we met was the restaurants! We never had a bad meal while we were in town, from Krolls, Firehouse, Weber Steak House to Mama’s place we ate like kings!

When I rented my car and drove on the freeway I was really impressed with the NASCAR speed every kept. In Chicago people have places to go and good food to eat! So when I got pulled over in downtown by a Chicago city PD for doing 50 in 25 I was shocked? The officer asked me what the hurry was and I made up some story about being late and that I didn’t know it was illegal to speed in Chicago? He said that it’s only OK on the freeway but not in the downtown area where homeless people cross the street without crosswalks and die. I said, “Homeless person getting killed in Chicago is an upgrade isn’t it?” He tried not to laugh and told me to SLOW DOWN and let me go!

We also got to experience WGN midday news show who invited us in to share a cooking segment. The scene went fast but we had a good time and the studio crew was awesome and treated us great!

Until next time Chicago……… Off to Kansas City next week!

Just in case you missed the WGN spot, follow the link below.,0,1689562.story



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