Letís talk turkey!
Posted on: January 24, 2018

I know that camping season is still out of reach for most of us in the higher elevations but now is a good time to plan for a few good meals. With holiday season on us, make room in the freezer and take advantage of the turkey and prime rib sales.


For the next two months turkeys and small cuts of prime rib will be on sale at a very reasonable price. Look for the coupons and buy a couple of extras for your next camping season and simply freeze it.


Last year I thawed out a few of these items I purchased in December of 2009 and no one knew the difference. I used my dutch oven for a prime rib that brought my fellow campers to their knees and it didn’t cost that much because I purchased it during the holiday sale. We also made French onion soup the next day in the dutch and took the left over prime rib meat, French onion soup and added some potatoes and carrots for a stew on day three keeping the food cost way down.  


The crust for the prime was made from rock salt, mustard and Cajun seasoning and baked at a very high heat. That crust was used in the stew and dissolved for the flavor that was unbelievable! Keep up with our blog and I will reveal that recipe later.


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