It feels like Christmas!
Posted on: January 23, 2018
It feels like Christmas!

It felt like Christmas morning when Mike and I received our first cookbook from Andrews McMeel Publishing.


I was like a little kid waiting in eagerness; only I thought it was going to show up on Friday so I sat on my porch throwing my baseball up in the air playing catch with myself and after several hours no show? Hmmmm well Saturday it is; after hours of anticipation that morning and all day of sitting around waiting, once again nothing! I started to doubt Santa Clause in October even if it was Halloween?


This is our first cookbook that Mike and I have ever written and to have a famous publishing company behind us made us feel even more important. They were sending us two books each so we could see them first! We got to see an online version of the new cookbook and we could only imagine what it will look like in person?


Just like the time when you searched out all your gifts in the Sears catalog and circled them for mom to see before Christmas. You could see that gift like it was really there and exactly where it would go and who you would show first. Unless of course you are the younger generation you looked at your gifts online and placed them in a shopping cart so mom could order them with a VISA card, yeah, yeah, yeah whatever!


Finally it’s Monday and I know this is it; this is the day the new cookbook will arrive! I had several appointments and honey-dos that needed to get done but I wasn’t about to leave until I saw Mr. Postman A.K.A Santa Clause show his face and drop the one package off.


11:30 am was approaching and still no Santa, I was running out of time. I knew that if I didn’t get my honey-dos done and skipped my appointments I would be grounded! Then the doorbell rang and I could hear the engine of the mail truck outside my window. They all have the same distinct sound like a WWII jeep. It was Christmas and Santa made it; actually the postman goes by the name Gary but today he was Santa!


I ran down the stairs like an excited 12 year old who gets to see his new puppy for the very first time! OK, or maybe I hobbled like a 40 plus something year old with lower back pain and partial arthritis? By the time I reached the door Santa was gone, I could hear the engine from his sleigh pulling away to go next door (lazy S.O.B she lives 12 feet away). Then I looked down and there it was…. Three packages?


The first one was made out to my wife Karen and the next one was made out to my wife Karen again…..NO, this can’t be happening my wife is ordering crap online again? The third package however had my name on it, PAT MAC and there it was in big bold letters, “ANDREWS McMEEL PUBLISHING”


I wasted no time ripping the package open on my door step and reached inside and pulled out the new cookbook! It was awesome!


If you would like to see what I got for Christmas on Monday November 1, 2010 go to the online store on our web page and order our first cookbook and we will send one out to you when the first shipment comes in by mid December.


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