Pizza with class
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By: Rachel Hamamoto
Date Posted: Feb/17/2014

Ingredients: Store bought ready to eat pizza crust - like Bobalie Pizza sauce pouch from Bobalie Hot sausage or blackened chicken- or any left over cooked meat Peppers yellow or green Onions red and sweet Asiago and Mozzarella cheese
Directions: Slice thin the peppers and onions and sauté in olive oil in you dutch oven or cast iron skillet and set aside Line your 12inch or larger Dutch Oven with foil heat to 350 add a drizzle of olive oil to coat foil Add pizza crust and then sauce dash of pepper and garlic salt Top with sautéed veggies and cooked meat Top with cheese Cover and bake for 15 minutes 6 coals around feet and 16 coals on top Check pizza and enjoy when cheese is melted and crust is brown and crispy
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