Grilled Salmon
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By: jay barbour
Date Posted: Feb/11/2013


Sockeye salmon filet, pickle juice, jalapeno's, garlic, dill, grape leaves, lemon slice, cracked pepper.


Clean and pat dry salmon filets. I leave the skin on for this recipe. (personal preferance and they tend to hold together better) Set up your grill for indirect heat.

Soak filets in your favorite pickle juice for 30 minutes. Then add some jalapenos, dill, and grape leaves atop a lemon slice on the flesh side of the salmon leaving the skin side down. Crack a few peppercorns on top as they hit the grill.

Since I used a gas grill, I left the back burner off and put these filets on the top rack above no flames and used the front two burners to generate my heat. Let these go until medium.

Great for eating just as is, or mixing into a salmon cake or salad.

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